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Google Analytics Setup / Refresh




The most import digital tool you’ll always need to measure any success for your plumbing business is Google Analytics. This tool allows plumbing owners to see exactly what potential customers do on the website (phone call, form fill, chat prompt) and how they got there- all in real time! At Plumb Solutions we manually code, test and verify that all your Google Analytics conversions are tracking any possible actions users can take on your website.

Here’s a list of what we do:

  • Determine which buttons, forms, downloads etc. on your plumbing website that you need to track
  • Manually code, test and verify all your Google Analytics website conversions
  • Make sure that your website is accurately able to identify visitors and how they use your site
  • Create custom a dashboard where you can see all your important metrics at a moment’s notice (on desktop & mobile devices)
  • Syncing all your website conversions to your Google & Facebook Ads account if applicable
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