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Reputation Management




With Plumb Solutions, as soon as a 4-5 star review is left on any review platform online- it’s automatically placed on your website in a list or carousel format for potential customers to see. Most importantly, when customers want to leave a review- we’ll be able to screen that review so that if its less than 4-5 stars it automatically prompts a form they can complete that will be forwarded directly to any email you like. We found that if you can address any negative experience a customer has had with your business that only increases the probability of receiving a 4-5 star review in the future.

Here’s a list of what we do:

  • Research all online platforms that contain any reviews for your plumbing business
  • Setup our review tracking software and integrate it on your plumbing website with a new “Testimonials” or “Our Reviews” tab
  • Import & setup automatic review syncing for all 4-5 star reviews of your business that are currently live online
  • Determine & prioritize which review platform needs to be addressed first based on its current score (i.e. if your Google My Business rating is 3.5 or lower- our plugin would direct all positive 4-5 star reviews to your Google Business location.)
  • Setup & configure notifications so you receive a daily, weekly or monthly summary of your reviews
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