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Pay-Per-Click Advertising




$500-$3,000 Ad Spend – (month-to-month)

Many plumbing owners often tried running Google & Facebook Ads on their own only to waste countless marketing dollars without generating enough or hardly any new customers at all. At Plumb Solutions we make sure that before any pay-per-click campaigns are activated, you have the appropriate content & landing pages with calls-to-action that supports it. With all of our experience helping plumbing owners use Google & Facebook advertising, we know exactly which keywords, targeting, campaigns and ad groups lend themselves to generating phone calls and form fills for your plumbing business.

Here’s a list of what we do:

  • Setup, configure and test all your conversions then sync them with Google & Facebook Ads to ensure your ad spend goes toward the user interactions that lend themselves to new business
  • Create all campaigns including keywords, ad groups, ad copy & imagery for your Google and/or Facebook accounts
  • Connect all paid campaigns to your preexisting or new call tracking account
  • Setup monthly reporting for all campaigns so you know exactly how your ad spend resulted in how many phone calls, form fills and chat prompts
  • Optimizing your account towards conversions as the data from campaign performance avails itself
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