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You probably know by now that everyone is not your friend. But did you know everyone is not your customer, too? Most businesses haven’t given it much thought, figuring everyone’s money is good.

But your most desirable customer isn’t someone asking you to come over this second to fix a leaky toilet and later gripe when handed an invoice.

Your ideal customer recommends you to friends and neighbors. They take the time to write an online review and recommend you on a community Facebook page. They appreciate the quality of your work and aren’t seeking to penny pinch. They trust you.

How do you find these folks? One word. Three letters. SEO.

You’ve likely heard of Search Engine Optimization, which uses key words and algorithms to optimize your website so when customers are looking to hire a plumber, they find your business easily. Even if you’ve relied on word-of-mouth for decades, today 97% of customers go online to find local services.

At Plumb Solutions, we’re SEO experts eager to build lasting professional relationships with your best high-value customers. As you know, the internet is full of noise, and essentially trying to speak to everyone is a lot like spitting in the ocean. You reach no one. That’s why we want to help you target the ideal customer.

To do that, your content must not only be valuable enough to attract high value customers, it also has to ascend from the hundreds of billions of webpages in Google’s ranking system. A shiny new website with all the social media icons by itself is inadequate if it’s not reaching the right audience. That’s where we come in. After a decade of helping plumbing owners grow their businesses, Plumb Solutions knows how to implement the most successful SEO strategies and craft the type of meaningful content that elevates your business and attracts high-value customers who are, in essence, ambassadors for your company.

Ready to learn more? Give us a call or email us at info@plumbsolutions.com so we can reach your perfect customer to keep your business on top.

Work with us and you’ll have growth. You’ll have peace of mind. And most of all, you’ll be speaking to the customer of your dreams.


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